July 4, 2024 | Independence Day for Business Owners 

Happy July 4. On the 248th anniversary of the birth of our nation, I invite you, fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, to celebrate your independence. We know all too well that running a business is no easy feat. It takes courage, tenacity, and a little bit of spitfire.

Whether it’s the freedom in managing your own schedule or the empowerment in fulfilling a dream on your own terms, take a moment to acknowledge the liberation and pride that also come with serving as founders of our futures.

Pause and check in on your business this July 4 with the following questions: 

  • How are you feeling overall midway through the year? Are you content, anxious, or thriving?
  • What’s your proudest business accomplishment thus far this year?
  • What’s your biggest business goal for the remainder of the year? How will you achieve it? Is there anything you’d like to tweak from January to now?
  • What’s one non-business-related activity that you’d like to try in the next few months? Perhaps try pickleball, knitting, learn a new language, take a trip to another country, or enjoy a staycation?

Let inspiration guide you. Students typically use July 4 to reflect on the end of the school year and revel in what summer brings. Business owners should use this time to consider the prior six months and evaluate how we’d like to pivot in the remaining half of the year.

Enjoy the holiday and the summer season.

Remember to celebrate the strides you have already made toward independence.

Need a little more inspiration? Check out one of my previous July 4 blogs or this article from Entrepreneur Magazine.

 Happy Independence Day!

Your Marketing Momma,

Cheryl McCants ~ Impact Founder and CEO

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