Back to School & Back to Business!

The Back-to-school season is an energizing time of year! The leisurely days of summer give way to renewed energy and focus, charitable community drives and smiling children with new shoes and hair-do’s. Usually, mothers and little ones get all the shine this time of year. But, that is changing.

Data from the Pew Research Center shows the number of stay-at-home-fathers has nearly doubled since 1989. And, at the same time, two-parent homes with mom as a full time homemaker are much less common. So, while kids head back to school and dads stay home to take care of household activities, moms are getting back to business. Harvard Business Review recently shared a study that demonstrates how women-led workplaces experience greater success.than male-led businesses.

The Impact team is passionate about supporting women business leaders and increasing their ranks in C-suites around the world. That said, as the nation heads back to school and back to business, we would be remiss if we didn’t salute the great husbands, fathers, and partners who hold down the fort while these ladies bring home the bacon.

To our clients, partners, friends and their families, we hope you have an amazing third quarter and that your fall success that leads to a stellar year. Let’s continue to uplift the men who make it possible for kids to learn at school and moms to excel at work each day.

And, regardless of who serves as head of household, the supporting partnership that allows us to prosper is timeless. Listen to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg discuss her late husband’s role in her success.


Cheryl McCants, You Marketing Momma

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