Times Square at NightIn today’s fast-paced, media frenzied, digital marketing environment, most marketing experts will tell you to blog, get your message out and rise above the masses.  The truth however, is that you shouldn’t just blog for blogging’s sake.  You should strategize first.  After you’ve thought about your message, research the issue, write your blog and then edit your work.  Once all of this is done, then you can post your blog.

So where have I been?  Why haven’t I blogged in a while? Well, I’ve been strategizing.  I’m now researching, writing and editing.  In the next few weeks, look for information from me about the state of women owned businesses in the U.S.  While this is a broad platform that is currently receiving a great deal of attention – Walmart’s recent announcement of its Women’s Global initiative is just one example of corporations looking to pay greater attention to women in business, there are still several nuances that could use clarification, analysis or simply stand to be repeated or ignored.

I will share marketing and communication tips, research findings, learnings, suggestions and trends from both my company’s experience, as well as that from some of our clients.

So what’s my take on blogging?  Do it.  Blog, but blog intentionally and clearly so that your message is consistent with your brand.  Integrate all forms of social media, traditional marketing and communication into your platform.  Strategize, plan and go for it.

See you soon!




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