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Government Agencies: Self Improvement

Like the rest of our country, the U.S. government returns from summer recess and gets back to work during the months of September and October. As government agencies tackle their agendas, manage our crises and provide relief to the thousands of American victims of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, they absolutely must involve communities, constituents, and professionals in industries they work with, and/or regulate.

Communication is key, and diverse communication is critical when connecting with these groups. Clear communication however, can be complicated for government agencies that must balance public service against national security, laws, and regulations. To make matters more difficult, the information that typically needs to be shared is often confusing to anyone outside of the agency, or forcibly complicated by legalize that needs to be included in messaging.

So what can government agencies do to overcome communication challenges and engage the public?

 Government Agencies Must Clearly Tell Their Stories.

Even the most mundane or bureaucratic operations have compelling stories buried within that people want to hear about. Agencies’ operations have real-world effects. Agencies are also measures of social change, housing decades of records on the nation’s social peaks and valleys. Internally, government agencies often employ generations of families, whose lives intertwine with the agency’s growth. Stories are the best way to not only share information, but also to find common ground. Unearth them with impact!

 Government Agencies Interface!

Host town halls and other gatherings where people can connect with your representatives. I know you are swamped and very busy.  However, it helps to have public interaction even if you are not the agencies small business liaison or ombudsman. Better yet, meet the public where they are – bring the information they need to community celebrations and events, neighborhood hubs, civic meetings and local offices when possible. Also, consider how your agency can engage those who cannot physically come to you. There’s no substitute for face-to-face time! Have your government agencies connect with the public via webinars and other digital meeting tools. 

Government Agencies Be as Transparent as Possible.

Part of building relationships with the public is to trust people with the information they need to make good decisions for themselves and their families. Build a rapport by sharing as much as possible in a down-to-earth way – from processes, to successes, to shortcomings and solutions. Show the public that government agencies are made up of people just like them who care about their futures and responsibilities.

Local, state, and federal government agencies have chosen Impact Consulting Enterprises to help them tell their stories and connect with the public in a more interpersonal and responsive way. With these public relations tips, agencies can humanize their communication and become more accessible to the American public they serve.

Connect with Impact today and let us help you tell your story.

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