Gratitude and Employee Engagement

Did you know that showing gratitude produces lasting, positive and memorable employee experiences? In fact, expressing appreciation addresses one of the most common workplace  issues: employee engagement. According to, 81% of employees say their boss’ show of appreciation motivates them to work harder. And, letting an employee know their value to your business’ bottom line means more than you may realize.

Gratitude increases job satisfaction and builds trust. It encourages employees to enjoy work while improving the quality of their work product.

Gratitude & Employee Retention

Workplace engagement directly impacts retention. According to Forbes, employee turnover causes $11 billion to be lost every year. Recognizing an employee for their hard work may reduce turnover rates. Appreciation alone may not increase retention, but it’s a great place to start. We all need to start somewhere, so why not with Thank You?

Ways to Express Gratitude in the Workplace:

1. Language:

We all know that negative feedback creates lower employee-engagement and decreases quality. Instead of “Your report is overdue, when will you have it ready?” let’s try, “I value your contributions and your work ethic. Let me know how I can help.”

2. Pay:

Saying thank you can go a long way, but gratitude with a little monetary value attached to it can make a bigger difference. Pay raises can serve as both an investment in your employees and a generous gesture of appreciation.

3. Decisions:

Value your employees’ ideas. Listen to and engage them in business decisions as appropriate. Including employees in the decision-making process emphasizes the importance of their contributions, and usually results in happier workers.

4. Creativity:

Create fun activities to express your gratitude. Grant some time off. Throw an office party to start off a great weekend, or host competitive challenges and offer rewards. The more you create a lively work environment the more likely people are to stay and, most importantly, enjoy their jobs.

Gratitude and Business

Don’t limit appreciation to your employees. Express your thanks with all stakeholders. Suppliers, customers, partners, and vendors also contribute to your business’ success. How much will the simple act of appreciation improve your overall productivity? Whatever route of gratitude you chose, remain consistent. Also, don’t limit your gratitude to holidays or birthdays.

Express your gratitude daily and then brace yourself. The results are sure to amaze.

Your marketing momma!

Cheryl McCants

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