Like you, marketing and strategy expert, Henry Mobley has seen the landscape of marketing defined numerous ways over the years. Is it social and viral? Paid media and affinity campaigns? Do all of them? Some of them? Or, is there a different story?

With over two decades of executive marketing, strategy creation, team building and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, his view is radically different. Henry appreciates, and shares with listeners, that any worthwhile idea or activity, is an embodiment of intent, passion, and communication. Marketing becomes the expression, the everyday belief, in these tenants. For everyone.

Henry has worked at every business level, volunteer to C-Exec, both internally, and as a consultant. In the most recent years, he has served as a Director at Zenimax Media, home to some of the top studios in the video game industry. In addition, acted as CSO with Dolaher Events, producer of E3, the premiere video game event, in the world.

His partnerships have included: Boeing, GM, Hasbro, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Zenimax Media

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