PPE supplies provided by Impact during COVID-19

NJ-Based Black Woman-Owned Marketing Firm Pivots to Join PPE Supply Chain and Help Essential Workers

Cheryl McCants Announces Outcome of PPE Work During COVID-19:

Not everyone sources PPE for profit.

 East Orange, NJ, June 24, 2020 – Impact Consulting Enterprises (Impact), an award-winning minority and woman-owned strategic communication, marketing, and public relations firm, took a hands-on approach to help others when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States.

When COVID-19 struck the New York and New Jersey area in March, Team Impact diverted their focus from marketing, website design, and development, and dedicated themselves to helping others. Impact President and CEO Cheryl McCants activated her supply chain to temporarily join the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) network. McCants quickly began searching for reliable national and international suppliers. Impact did not waste a moment and soon acquired masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, wipes, and other PPE for hospitals, schools, utility companies, and other organizations in need.

“When I learned of the many challenges that procurement officers faced in identifying legitimate suppliers for masks, gloves, and other types of PPE, we instinctively jumped in to help,” said Impact Consulting Enterprises CEO and founder Cheryl McCants. “While we are not doctors, grocery workers, or first responders, Team Impact consists of great researchers and crises managers. We put our skills to use and shored up a portion of the PPE supply chain for those in need. It only made sense.  We did what we could to help others save lives.”

Highlights of Impact’s tremendous efforts include.

  • 50,000 masks to Newark, NJ’s University Hospital
  • 12,000 masks to Princeton, NJ’s Eden School for Autistic Children
  • 10,000 gloves to Massachusetts’ Veterans Administration Hospital
  • Nearly 300,000 sanitizing wipes to utility companies
  • Hundreds of masks to various NJ-based cleaning companies

Reliability, efficiency, and expediency reigned. Robert Sharbaugh, University Hospital’s acting director of Supply Chain Management, explains, “We had an immediate need for additional PPE supplies. Impact’s Newark office is located less than a mile away from University Hospital, so working with Cheryl and her team was an easy, trustworthy and close-to-home solution for the hospital.”

The team worked diligently behind the scenes to source reliable PPE for those on the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19. And, Impact certainly did not make this pivot for profit, as their PPE engagement yielded significantly lower earnings than their standard communication work. As the need for PPE sourcing settles down McCants looks forward to resuming her team’s focus on marketing. Impact continues to leverage their multitude of connections to help those in need and speak out against injustice everywhere.

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Cheryl McCants, cmccants@eimpactconsulting.com, 973-337-2028

Morgan Ulrich, mulrich@eimpactconsulting.com, 201-564-8656


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