Redefine Independence 2020

Redefine Your Independence

Independence Day 2020 comes at a time when most of us are focused on our individual personal freedom. As businesses reopen and certain aspects of our former lives resume, actual versus desired freedoms dominate our conversations and fill our quarantine cups.


The continuous spread of COVID-19 dominates our lives and dictates our actions. We turn on the news, wait with baited breath for Dr. Fauci’s latest updates to see if we can venture to the malls, enjoy the beaches, or if we need to keep our businesses closed in response to yet another shelter-in-place order.


Two years ago we encouraged entrepreneurs and self-starters to celebrate their freedom. This year, I urge you to mindfully redefine your independence. How free are you, and how can you use your freedom to help others?


Independence Redefined

The #BlackLivesMatter movement coupled with the current global pandemic afford us a unique opportunity to redefine the meaning of independence. This July 4 let’s leverage our “freedoms” and undergird the freedoms of those around us.


If you are not immunocompromised, consider delegating remote work to an at-risk team member. Allow them to telecommute and remain safe. If you are “open for business,” purchase from a supplier that is struggling to stay afloat. When you eventually open your doors, ensure your team members wear masks to protect the health of your customers.


As we reopen and reawaken, I urge you not to simply go back to business as usual. Please fully recognize your freedoms and choose to use them for good. Pause and consider how we can redefine our independence to create a better tomorrow together.


Your marketing momma,

Cheryl McCants ~ Impact President and CEO


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