Independence Day

Celebrate Your Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! As we celebrate the nation’s 241st Independence Day, the Impact team invites entrepreneurs and business owners across the country to reflect on and celebrate their independence. Running a business requires a great deal of courage, faith, fortitude and independence. Several people think about the journey, yet only a few take the trip.

When did you first declare your independence?

  • How long has it been since you took the first steps toward being your own boss?
  • When did you first decided to build your brand, boost a project or better the world?
  • Where were you when you determined that your energy, talent, and skills would result in the realization of your dreams?

Enterprising people come from all walks of life and take a variety of paths to entrepreneurship. However, all of us have claimed our independence. Summer in general – and Independence Day weekend in particular – are excellent times to reflect on accomplishments, honor obstacles and celebrate achievements. Business takes on a leisurely pace as people enjoy the outdoors and take vacations. So, enjoy your holiday and bask in the strides you have already made toward independence.

Take pride in your accomplishments – and be ready to make moves come Labor Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Cheryl McCants, Your Marketing Momma



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