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Lead Like an Olympian Part 2

Female athletes from this year’s Summer Olympics dominated their sports, exemplified keen leadership skills and smashed glass ceilings all around Rio. In part two of this three-part series, I will talk about ways to Lead Like an Olympian – why it pays to be resilient, remain confident and keep your eye on the prize.

There is no standard recipe for becoming a successful business-owner and it is no secret that women must work harder than their male counterparts. Although there are a myriad of qualities and best practices that can lead to success, here are specific characteristics, insights and suggestions to help women leaders achieve their maximum potential.

Lead Like an Olympian: Be Resilient, Simon Biles 

Be ConfidentSimone Biles, a petite girl from Texas, taught herself to do backflips off of her family’s mailbox and remained resilient in her quest to become an Olympic champion despite several challenges. From laughing through her first vault – a definite No-No in competitive sports, staying with a coach who had never before worked with an elite gymnast, and not qualifying for the 2012 Olympics due to her age, to faltering on almost every event during the 2013 Secret U.S. Classic tournament, Biles remained resilient. Despite the bumps, twists and turns, she kept going. Participation in the Olympics was her target. Biles knew she had to be resilient.

From a devastating performance in 2013 with frequent falls and mistakes, to becoming a World Champion that same year, Biles’ resilience resulted in her becoming:

  • The first, female-gymnast in over 30 years to win four, consecutive, all-around titles at the U.S. Nationals
  • The first woman, all-around, world champion, three years in a row
  • Winner of 14 world-championship medals – the most ever won by an American woman.

Be Resilient.

Resilience sits at the helm of leadership. Often, leaders are disliked because of the decisions they have to make, despite the team knowing that these decisions are in the best interest of the organization and its people. Running a business and leading a team are not walks in the park. They frequently require owners to be resilient. Being resilient and trusting oneself is how good leaders lead. The leadership road is a bumpy one; however, remember to be resilient.  Resilience coupled with a dose of passion, toughens the skin and makes the leadership ride a lot smoother.

Lead Like and Olympian: Be Confident, Michelle Carter

Lead like an OlympianMichelle Carter, aka shot put Diva, knows what it is to lead, to be confident and to be an Olympian. Daughter to three-time Super Bowl Champ and fellow Olympian, Michael Carter, Michelle uses her public profile to promote athleticism, femininity and confidence. She knows how to lead.

Carter could have easily fell in line with the traditional and stereotypical ideas of what a shot putter should be.  However, she chose to be confident in her self-image, athletic abilities and leadership style.  Olympic gold-medal winner, Michelle Carter, is a make-up artist with her own make-up line who throws a shot put, wins gold and remains confident in herself. She is a one-of-a-kind athlete.

Be Confident.

Carter shows us that female athletes can be physically powerful, dominant and beautiful – all at the same time. Carter wears her make-up, dons her athletic gear and throws a heavy, metal ball.  She is confident. Carter is the first, American woman since 1960 to not only advance to the Olympic shot-put finals, but also win a medal.  Michelle Carter won gold. Leaders must be confident.

When placed in non-traditional environments and circumstances, be confident.  Lead like an Olympian.

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Cheryl McCants

Cheryl McCants

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