Leadership StyleAs a leader, it is critical that you know your leadership style and value system.  Once you recognize and acknowledge your style, you can adjust it to better support your team members.  Are you inspiring, interdependent, transformational ….?  Whatever your style, be authentic.

An effective leader must be inclusive, produce results and develop skills and competencies in her team members.  Hire people who are passionate about what they do.  Leaders do not have to be experts, they just have to lead.

Be responsible for the system you create.  Own the policies, procedures and processes that you put in place.  Your team is depending on you.  Be innovative and don’t worry about “best practices.”

Leaders are all about producing results.  Be sure to evaluate your results regardless of whether you fail or succeed.  If you exceed your goals, determine why.  Were they high enough?  Did your assumptions change?  Did you team’s performance exceed your expectations?  What happened?

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Notes from Leadership Training by DKB Wave Consulting

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