Bamboo TreesA great leader stands up for herself.  Do not do someone else’s job.  It is disrespectful.

Respect people enough to allow them to do their own jobs and respect yourself enough to not do it either.

Are you all in?  What would life be like if you were working at 100%?  Where are you now – 70%, 65%, 80%?  How much are you really capable of giving?  Trust yourself and don’t give up.  Leadership is about being willing to fail, while being committed to continuing.

Treat yourself the way you ought to be treated, not the way you want others to treat you.  Own your greatness and don’t doubt your abilities.  You know exactly what it is you have to offer.  Don’t be a fraud, be great!

Own your own greatness and you won’t be bothered by the greatness of those around you. Your strategic communication, marketing, brand management and public relations partner.

Notes from Leadership Training by DKB Wave Consulting

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