La Mina FallsAre you in touch with your own greatness?  Greatness is a huge motivator.  When you work on a project with your team, be responsible for your leadership role.  Credit can be given or taken away, but responsibility is owned.  You can be responsible and still give someone else all of the credit for a job well done.  If you’re willing to give credit, you can get more work done.

Strong character is a key component of leadership.

Remember to acknowledge the efforts, contributions and support of your team.  Acknowledgement is not cheerleading or encouragement.  Acknowledgement is leadership.  Acknowledgement is powerful.  Feel empowered and empower those around you.  When others buy from you, they are acknowledging your capabilities, talent and greatness.  The ultimate form of acknowledgement is getting the job you wanted, securing the client you were pursuing or getting the promotion you deserve. Your strategic communication, marketing, brand management and public relations partner.

Notes from Leadership Training by DKB Wave Consulting

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