Memorial Day

A Memorial Day to Remember

This Memorial Day, we remember and honor the latest wave of soldiers to die in war for the health, safety, and preservation of our democracy and its citizenry.  We mourn the loss of men and women who died in military conflicts from the Civil War to the ongoing War in Afghanistan. Additionally, we now, with heavy-hearts, grieve for the people dying in the war to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, close to 10,000 front-line U.S. healthcare workers tested positive for the coronavirus between mid-February and early April 2020. And, an untold number of healthcare and essential workers died trying to save patients’ lives, stock retail shelves or simply support our nation’s produce supply chain.

Memorial Day Heroes!

This Memorial Day, these heroes garner our special attention and gratitude.

  • Physicians and Nurses
  • Assistants and Technicians
  • Orderlies and Administrators
  • Volunteers and Drivers
  • Porters and EMTs
  • Firefighters and Retail Workers
  • Supermarket Cashiers
  • Assembly Line Employees and many more 

Memorial Day 2020 is particularly poignant because we know that our veterans of war – our selfless heroes – lay down their lives for this country. They don’t always wear camouflage, flak jackets, or carry guns to slay our enemies in foreign lands.  They also wear face masks, isolation gowns, plastic goggles, face shields, and nitrile gloves to fight a ruthless viral enemy right here in the U.S.

In each war, Americans have been called upon to help the soldiers on the front lines. Perhaps the most memorable wars for rallying support from the home front* were the Civil War and World War II. Now, our newest and most deadly war, COVID-19, requires more support from every American than ever before. We all have a personal stake in winning this war on our home front. We all have vital roles to play.

Let’s Win This War.

Follow the guidelines of our health officials.  Follow the guidelines of our governors. Fight together so we can win together! Remember all of our war veterans this Memorial Day.


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