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Mompreneur Day

It’s that time of year again … Mother’s Day! and Mompreneur Day! It’s time to give mothers around the world extra love and appreciation for all they are and all they do. This Mother’s Day we give a singular nod to mompreneurs – women like me who are both moms and entrepreneurs.  As mother and handbag designer Clare V states, show up, show up, show up. As a mompreneuer, if you don’t show up with determination at work, your employees can’t follow you.  If you don’t show up with advice and guidance at home, your kids can’t follow you. The minute, or even the second, you stop showing up with your best self, everyone stops following.  As moms and entrepreneurs, we have double duty to our employees and our children.  Always ‘show up’ both in business and at home.

Moms are extraordinary without even running their own business but add the weight of entrepreneurship to raising a healthy and well-adjusted child who becomes a productive member of society, and you have a superwoman.  Yes, superwoman. The word may be overused, but it is accurate.

Being a mompreneur is a never-ending 24/7 job that takes strategy and skill to pull off successfully. Of course, strategy and skill must be built on a firm foundation of love, passion, dedication, commitment, strength, patience, and resilience.

Even after 16 years of motherhood and entrepreneurship, I am still working on ways to manage this balancing act on being a mompreneur. But, don’t fret, there are many tricks to making it all work. Here are three must do’s that I recommend for everyone, not just this Mother’s Day, but every day:

Mompreneur Must-Dos

1. Care for you.

Hot bubble baths surrounded by aromatherapy candles, walks in the park (or around your neighborhood), meditation, and pleasure reading are all ways to relax and take a little time for yourself.  Do one of these or something else you desire; just do something for you.

We’ve all heard the flight attendant’s announcement to put the oxygen mask on our face before you put it on your child’s.  You have to be as caring for yourself as you are for your children and your business.  If you aren’t in top shape, you cannot be the best mother or the best president and CEO that you can be.

2. Manage Your Time
Schedule your time efficiently and wisely.  Remember that you cannot do everything, no matter how much you may want to accomplish in one day.  Unless you have a United States president’s scheduling team, a driver, and a private jet, you’ll need to limit your daily obligations. Prioritize what is most important to your relationship with your children and the financial health of your business, and schedule accordingly.  Don’t worry about finding a work/life balance.  Choose when to work and when to live.  You’re a mompreneur.  Do you!

3. Say, “I love you.”

Yes, actions speak louder than words.  Telling your children that you love them daily and hugging them (in person or virtually) can go a long way, especially when you’re spending most of your time running your business.  It’s the small things that matter most, even to our children.  My daughter and I have climbed Machu Picchu, cruised through the Caribbean, hung out in New York City and traveled together across the country for volleyball tournaments and vacations.  She enjoys our adventures together, yet she expresses the most appreciation and love for me when I allow her to cuddle under my arms after a long day at school and binge watch something on Netflix.

That’s what works for me.  I hope it helps another mompreneur who reads this. If you have any tips to share, please let me know.

In the meantime fellow mompreneurs, this Mother’s Day weekend, please take it easy and enjoy the love and appreciation that you so deserve.

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