Salsa not KetchupResearch and census data have been telling us for years that the face of America is changing.  America is no longer the immigration land for the Irish or the Italians.  It’s no longer the land of captivity for Africans or Carribbeans.  America is now the official immigration land for Hispanics.

According to the U.S. Census, Latinos comprise 17% of the population at 54 million and by the year 2050, there will be 132 million Latinos representing 30% of our population.  By 2043, they will be the largest segment of our nation.

Hispanics are currently the fastest growing and youngest population in America.  They represent 1 out of 4 newborns and 1 out of 5 millennials.

Here are some other interesting statistics about the U.S. Hispanic population:

  •  37 members of Congress
  • 1.1   million military veterans
  • 16% of newly enlisted active duty members
  • $1 Trillion buying power
  • Most active ethnic group on social media — 80% use social media

Hispanics outspend non-Hispanics in purchasing:

  • electronics
  • clothing
  • groceries
  • beauty products

The most popular condiment in America is no longer ketchup or mustard.  The most popular condiment in America is SALSA. Move over ketchup.


Sources:  U.S. Census Bureau; Pew Research; NBC Today Show

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