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As you prepare for increase, the new year is a good time for setting new goals and re-evaluating existing ones. This process is routine for many businesses as owners typically make critical adjustments in January. Yet routines can hold you back if you don’t set the right processes in motion to reach your goals. Let’s start the New Year off right with these tips to prepare for increase.

Tip 1: Make Your 2023 Goals Part of a Larger Mission

What do you want to achieve in 2023? How can you make sure your team members are engaged in your vision? Make your goals part of your mission to take your business to new heights this year.  Consider the following:

  • Define success. This comes down to a well-defined communication strategy that helps you reach your desired goals. Your definition of success must also reflect your brand. Not sure how to get started, my team can help.
  • Set realistic, achievable goals: Your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timebound, inclusive, and equitable. I call them SMARTIE Goals, which are essential to your business growth. Some companies need help in identifying and creating SMARTIE goals. Let us know if you are struggling.
  • Create an action plan. Whatever your goals and the tasks you delegate to your team, you need a plan of action to achieve them. Without it, you may not achieve anything.
  • Share your goals and plan. Your team needs to understand your goals and align with your action plan. Share your goals and action plan with your team so they share in your vision and help you achieve it.
  • Delegate tasks so that everyone has a role to play. Identify team members with the competencies and skills to help you achieve your goals. Delegate specific tasks to your team members and avoid confusion over roles and responsibilities.
  • Regularly track progress and adjust as needed. Follow through with your action plan and re-adjust it for new trends or business demands. Regular check-ins empower you to control your SMARTIE goals.

Tip 2:  Refine and Invest as Your Prepare for Increase.

The beginning of the year remains a great time to re-evaluate your marketing strategies. Business owners that it takes a lot of time, commitment, passion, and determination to sustain a business all year round. 

As you know, strategic and effective marketing and communication is the only truly authentic way to build. Following are a few of my thoughts around investment.

  • Follow your vision and refine your strategic marketing plan. It’s crucial to identify your vision, passion, and mission. Your core values tell your company’s story, so align your action plans to them.
  • Invest in new technology. Success requires regular engagement, so break in new technology. Increase your social media engagement and maintain a current and optimized website. Make your blogs shine and convert that traffic into business leads.
  • Invest in your staff and your culture. Your team should believe in your vision. Establish a culture of commitment, compassion, and trust. Leverage sales automation tools when prospecting for new business. This will help you bring more qualified leads and ultimately generate more revenue.
  • Commit yourself to your customers. Pay attention to customer feedback. Positive feedback determines what you should continue doing while criticism sheds light on areas that need improvement. Satisfied clients are grateful clients, and they’ll likely be happy to recommend you to others, which leads to new customers.
  • Stay current: One sure way to grow your business in the new year is by staying on top of industry and marketplace trends. Doing so helps you identify new opportunities to grow your business and take it to the next level.
  • Create a succession plan: Finally, ensure that your business continues to thrive even when you are no longer actively involved in its operations. Set up an exit plan that establishes the generational wealth you seek.

Click here to listen to my podcast on the topic and be sure to come back next week for part two of this blog on identifying ways to prepare for increase.

Your Marketing Momma,

Cheryl McCants ~ Impact Founder and CEO

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