Great Football Sunday

The Challenge

Cheryl McCants recognized that the media coverage surrounding Super Bowl XLVIII, to be held in MetLife Stadium, was the perfect opportunity to highlight the hardships of the homeless in New York City and the State of New Jersey. Through her volunteer work with her church, she knew that the homeless veterans, men, women and children in those areas would have overflowed the 82,000-seat capacity of the game venue. Using the media spotlight, crowdfunding and social media buzz from the Super Bowl, the plan was to raise awareness and support for two organizations working successfully to end homelessness in the two-state region – 100,000 Homes and Family Promise of Bergen County.

The Solution

The Great Football Sunday campaign ran from August 2013 through Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014. Impact created the brand name, strategic marketing and communication plan, as well as the campaign’s financial model. Activation included developing the logo, key messages, a new website, sponsorship pitch materials, the crowd funding campaign site content, social media content, media releases and video. Scarborough & Tweed designed and produced the branded products offered as rewards for contributors to the crowd funding campaign. The Great Football Sunday campaign was a breakthrough approach to capacity building for nonprofit organizations. It did not depend on corporate grants or gifts, but rather invited companies to partner with the public.


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