Public Relations: The show Must Go On

Public Relations Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Public Relations in 2020: The year that kicked off a new decade, a new century and a new economy. Nine months in and it is certain 2020 will never be forgotten.

The Show Must Go On


The COVID-19 pandemic put the entire world on pause and sent everyone home. PR professionals like Team Impact logged into Zoom for client meetings and are exceeding expectations, working from home. Implementing virtual communications became the only solution for brands staying relevant to their audience. Impact forecasted this need immediately and built a Virtual Communications Kit for the high demand of this business strategy.

“Brandstanding” evolved in recent months as organizations took strong stances on social issues, learned a bit about Black History and highlighted movements such as #BlackLivesMatter. Consumers are showing loyalty to brands of similar values and dropping those that are afraid to break from the status quo. The world is opening back up as the show must go on. If your business is struggling to create an action plan, look no further. Impact has thoughtfully created a Reawakening Plan with the safety of your employees and the success of your business in mind.

Our Take on Public Relations:

Since 1989, Impact Consulting Enterprises, under the leadership of president & CEO Cheryl McCants, swiveled, adapted, learned and grew into the award-winning, international agency it is today.  Through the decades — past, present and those ahead of us, our commitment to authenticity, equity, and effective communication remains resolute. We put clients first, lead with creative ideas, do the right thing and give back. At the end of the day, we succeed when our client’s feel good about where they are, and better about where they’re going.  Connect with our team of PR gurus to help tell your stories in meaningful and relevant ways.

This is part 3 of our 3-part series.  See what you missed. Be sure to join us as we reflect and predict.

Your marketing momma,

Cheryl McCants ~ Impact President and CEO

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