Pure Beauty Orchids ColorFuzeImpact was asked to create copy to help a plant grower launch a new line of orchid products targeting consumers and retail distributors.  We needed to make a complicated process easy-to-understand.

We researched orchid care, identified competitors and delivered friendly and inviting plant care instructions, maintenance tips and much more for the launch of Pure Beauty Orchids.  The material was delivered ahead of schedule and the client was extremely satisfied.

The smooth tone, clear instructions and welcoming words have helped customers understand and care for their orchids.

Specifically, material was supplied for website copy to support the following pages:

    • About Pure Beauty
    • Our Orchids
    • Anatomy of Orchids
    • Caring for Orchids
    • Watering
    • Environment – Light, Location & Humidity
    • Trimming Stems
    • Re-Blooming
    • Re-Potting
    • Orchid Health
    • Discolored Leaves
    • Flower of Bud Loss
    • Cutting Orchid Stems
    • Trigger Orchid
    • Re-Blooming
    • Repotting Orchids
    • Orchid Pests
    • Orchid Diseases

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