Culture of Sales

Sales culture, is yours healthy?

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I believe we have masterfully implemented a healthy and productive sales culture at Impact. We do not deploy a designated sales department or even a specific salesperson to identify or solicit new business. The entire team embraces our sales approach of seeking new opportunities and closing deals.

A Culture of Sales

As the CEO, I strengthen our sales environment by ensuring we’re all on the same page. Impact team members embrace our company goals and live our core values.  I check in regularly to make sure everyone can accurately describe our work when a curious friend asks the inevitable question – “What do you do?” At Impact, we tell award-winning stories that inspire smiles, trust, and confidence while providing exceptional customer service, and completing projects on time and on budget.

However, a sales interaction does not begin and end with the sale: following through is critical. I love when Todd Cohen, author of Everyone’s In Sales: How to Unleash the Power of Sales Culture to Boost Your Revenues, Profits and Growth, says, “the customer is a partner to the sales cycle.” The keyword is partner, and not victim of an overly aggressive salesperson.  Partnership puts the seller and buyer on a level playing field to communicate and work together for mutual benefit.

What’s your sales culture?

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Cheryl McCants, president and CEO


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