Marketing & Social Media: Is it what your business needs? The short answer is YES. All businesses need to leverage their on and off-line marketing tools, so why not embrace social media. Which one(s) should you embrace? How much time should you spend there? What plan should you put in place? We all have websites and Smartphones, so the next step, according to the experts, is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the plethora of social networking sites. But who are the experts and why do their opinions outweigh ours? Here are my thoughts – based on my research, intuition and experience. What would you do if I told you that according to Fortune magazine, Accenture plans hire 40 percent of its consultants and new hires via LinkedIn alone? You would probably update or create your LinkedIn profile. We just did! Your company’s online profile is probably more important than your professional resume or client list. If you can’t be found online, you simply can’t be found. So with that said, enhance your social media profile just like you would your wardrobe, personal appearance or even your business cards. Create a plan and tweet, blog, email and connect on schedule. I recommend the following marketing/social media timeline: 1. Tweet twice a day 2. Facebook or LinkedIn once a day – alternate sites daily 3. Blog weekly 4. Email every other week 5. Update your videos on YouTube, or another public space, once a month Your actual plan may vary, but at least this is a start. Stay in touch!

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