Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Lessons for Business Leaders …

Spring cleaning isn’t just for kitchens and closets. It’s for offices and board rooms too. In general, spring is a time of revitalization and new beginnings. So, take this time to declutter and refresh your business.

While we’re enjoying warmer weather and planning vacations, let’s re-evaluate where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and what adjustments we need to make with our businesses. After two years of a globally catastrophic pandemic, it now seems as if we may be reemerging into an adjusted lifestyle. And, while we anxiously and excitedly reconnect with friends, family, and associates, let’s enjoy the season and start spring cleaning.

Ways to Spring Clean Your Business:

As we look forward to what will hopefully be a safer and more open spring and summer, use this time to create better business strategies that elevate our companies and make our clients and customers feel more confident in our brands.

Lesson #1: Spring Clean Your Business Operations

  • Reduce, delete, or discard unnecessary clutter. Clear your files of old messages and information. This includes emails, calendars and voicemails, your desktop, desk drawers, and filing cabinets.
  • Review whether you’re offering the best formulas, answers, and remedies for the problems you’re helping your clientele fix.
  • Take time to assess your WHY and how you tell the story of your brand.
  • Then focus on how to share your story more effectively to stay relevant and remain ahead of your competition.
  • Change the materials you look at every day and may take for granted. Update and refresh your website and your social media banners. If you’re in a brick-and-mortar building, consider painting, redecorating, or adding accents. Change your signs or the artwork on your walls. Refreshing your environment will also help re-engage you and your staff.

Lesson #2: Upgrade Your Skills and Your Brand

  • Take a class or get certified in an area that will bolster your expertise. For instance, the online platform Edex.org offers a wide range of free certified courses including degree programs, executive education classes, and boot camps. Edex has programs for both individuals and teams from more than 160 membership universities.
  • Secure the support you need. Consider hiring a business coach or a strategy consultant to help guide your advancement in achieving your professional goals. Hire additional staff or employ interns to assist with the workload.
  • Consider joining a professional organization to expand your network as well as your access to information.

Lesson #3: Re-Engage Clients and Customers

  • Reach out to your clients and customers to gauge how they are doing and how you might be able to support them. Provide a referral, an opportunity, or simply words of encouragement, and re-engage customers.
  • Design a better and more engaging LinkedIn It’s an easy way to support your clients and customers as well as share information about your products and services.

Lesson #4: Enhance Your Space

  • Frame and hang the tenets of your mission and value statements throughout your office. An artful display of why you do what you do can keep company values front and center in the minds of your employees and anyone else who interacts with your brand. At Impact, our team knows that we, “Put Clients First,” “Lead with Creative Ideas,” “Do the Right Thing,” and “Give Back.”
  • Bring in plants, create more open spaces, or develop an accent wall with childhood pictures of your team. Have fun, be creative, enlist your team for suggestions, and watch how you can create a better, more productive work environment.
  • Add art, which can have an inspiring and restorative effect on the mind. Consider supporting local artisans by hosting installations during the year. It shows that you are invested and concerned about the community in which you operate.

Lesson #5: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

  • Learn – whether it’s in a classroom, a boardroom, or a new environment. Learning requires that you to step out of your comfort zone. This type of spring cleaning allows you to look at situations differently and observe varied perspectives.
  • Top business leaders often say that it’s important to be comfortable with getting uncomfortable. It’s true. Lack of comfortability forces you to get out of routine thinking, stop taking things for granted and think more broadly to find new solutions.
  • Being uncomfortable will challenge you to be better, smarter, and more creative – to the benefit of everyone who encounters you and your brand.

Anyone who knows me personally or professionally knows that I’m a life-long learner. My love of learning and exploring new places undergirds all I have accomplished in my 33 years of starting and running Impact Consulting Enterprises.

Spring Your Business Into Spring!

As you start your spring cleaning and identify new ways to conduct business, remember, “if you think you know everything, you’ll never learn anything.”

Your Marketing Momma,

Cheryl McCants ~ Impact President and CEO

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