On June 7th, I had my first “video shoot” for Impact Consulting Enterprises, LLC and it was one of the most successful and nerve racking experiences that I have had.

Prior to the day, I was assigned to create a production plan and questions to ask Cheryl McCants for the shoot. It was my first time doing a production plan and it was difficult because I was not exactly sure what was wanted from me in terms of the plan’s content. Now that I understand what a production plan is, I know what questions to ask in advance in order to complete it to my best ability.

Since I also work about 45 minutes away from the shoot location, I already knew I was going to be late before. However, I did not realize how pressed we were for time and one thing that I will do in the future is send the questions to Ms. McCants ahead of time so that she could have the best responses and I could better ask questions based on how her answers went. Along with this, it would have helped me recite the questions better. If I would have asked the questions more confidently and casually, I think she would have responded better as well.

Lastly, after looking at the B-roll that was taped by another intern, I realized other areas that I need to improve on which is great. Mainly, my mannerisms. I often looked bored or annoyed throughout the b-roll when I wasn’t at all. I kept touching my hair and I was often slouched. You never know who is watching you and I need to be much more aware of how I am standing and sitting and my overall facial expressions.

Overall, the shoot for me was not good but very helpful. I learned a lot about myself as an intern and where I need to focus in terms of self-improvement. Hopefully, I continue to grow through this experience.

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