Resolution 2022 Thing 1 and Thing 2

Struggling With Your New Year’s Business Resolution?

Try this Strategy: Thing One and Thing Two

Your New Year resolution … This year, business owners like you and me hope to fully re-invigorate our work environment. And, as time passes, we will continue to reopen our businesses while working hard to make up for lost time. So, how should we approach business resolutions given the hopes and plans we so closely guard? My advice? Brace yourself and don’t attempt to take everything on at once. Keep it simple and try my Two for Two approach: Focus on adopting two new resolutions and releasing two practices or ideologies that no longer align with your values or serve your bottom line.

Here are a few things to consider focusing on and leaving behind in 2022:

Resolution Release Thing 1: Let Go.

Great business coaches and strategists will tell you that the best lessons surface during or right after a loss. The prior 24 months have exposed business owners and corporate executives to extreme loss. Downtown districts burned, stockholders revolted, and our nation suffered. I encourage each of you to focus on the lessons instead of the loss. Let go of the hurt, the frustration and the anger. Try to de-stress and direct your thoughts toward ways you can become a bigger, better and more impactful business leader.

Resolution Release Thing 2: Forget the “Old/New Normal.”

One of the most overused business terms during this pandemic was “normal.” Some say new, others say old. I say move past your old ways of working, networking, and growing your business.  Encourage creativity and innovation. Consider something different. Challenge your status quo while forcing yourself to be more open and receptive to your team’s ideas. Create a new you in business. Engage in new activities and expand your company’s horizons. Remember, anything is possible.

Resolution Thing 1: Prioritize Supply Chain Diversity.

Make this the year you commit to establishing and achieving significant supplier diversity goals. Purchase from minority vendors. Hire diverse contractors. Intentionally diversify your supply chain. Be certain to maximize accountability and build metrics that track progress. I make it a point to intentionally embed equity and inclusivity throughout the entire Impact Consulting Enterprises supply chain. Once you establish yourself as the business leader whose organization commits to vendor diversity, your team will surely follow. After that, stay on the lookout for extraordinary innovation and growth to take place within your entire organization.

Resolution Thing 2: Update Your Pandemic Protocols

As of late January, the number of cases and deaths in the COVID-19 pandemic surpassed the number of cases and deaths in the Spanish flu pandemic of more than a century ago (1918-1920). Government mandates, social and health requirements, court rulings, etc. consistently change. These fluctuations impact our ways of work and how we execute our business strategies. At Impact, we test regularly and source FDA-approved COVID tests and PPE for agencies and corporations. Stay current on COVID-19 news and safety protocols to provide a healthy, supportive and flexible environment for your team. Remember, your business benefits when folks know you care.

Resolution: Thing 1 and Thing 2

So, there you have it – two things to focus on and two things to leave behind in the new year. Move forward, concentrate on the present and look to the future. Try this simple two for two methodology and help our businesses, economy, and world become a better place.

Your Marketing Momma,

Cheryl McCants ~ Impact President and CEO

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