Greetings! My name is Aldreen Venzon, and I am an intern at Impact Consulting Enterprises. Part of my work as an intern is to aid the company in raising its visibility and prominence as a marketing firm. The Impact Consulting website is a vital tool in making this happen, and it is even more crucial that visitors notice the site. For this reason, we have decided to re-design the face of the website to make it look more elegant and user-friendly. Thus, we stumbled upon the Nimble WordPress Theme. In this page, I review the theme and how it could be useful for Impact Consulting Enterprises.




The Nimble Theme is a huge, lively, and professional looking business WordPress theme from Elegant As soon as you enter the website, there is massive slider display that welcomes you with animations and colorful backgrounds that attracts visitors, while displaying a professional presentation. Below the slider, there are three different informational columns where you can add some introductory content about your business.

Nimble Homepage


As you scroll down, the website separates into different sections that have its own color scheme, effectively transitioning users from one segment to the next. This is done all in the same homepage.

Nimble Sections



Different Colors

There are five Nimble schemes available: Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Gray. The default one is orange, but with some coding, there’s a vast amount of color options.

Nimble Different Colors

Responsive Layout

Nimble theme has a responsive design, meaning it will adjust the presentation with the web page for the screen of the particular device used by the user (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphones). The theme responds to the dimensions and orientation of the screen.

Nimble iPhoneNimble iPad

More Features

  • Options panel to control most of the tasks
  • ePanel to add remove certain areas
  • Set custom layouts of your choice
  • Search engine optimized design
  • Manage advertisement options from ePanel
  • Short-codes to create complex page layouts without any programming skills
  • Custom page templates collection : Galleries page, Contact page, blog page etc.
  • Portfolio page to display your work images
  • Multimedia portfolio page to show pictures and videos
  • Create custom design for homepage
  • Blog page to write about updates and offers
  • Built in pricing table to list price structure with features
  • Various layout options to manage website layout
  • Convert in any local language
  • Supports all browsers
  • Regular theme updates


The Nimble theme displays a combination of colors and a heavy amount of images that is pleasing and attractive to the eyes. Additionally, at a price of $39 for 76 themes or $0.50 for 1 theme, this makes the Nimble theme a definite recommendation.

By Aldreen Venzon

Impact Consulting Enterprise Intern

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