We tell your untold stories

Long story short

Non-profits work with Impact to make sure that their client base, corporate partners, donors and potential donors know what they are up to.

Our work with corporate foundations, investigational research and anecdotal data show that foundations face at least three common challenges.

  1. Grant refusals damage the brand in the community
  2. Board conflict and lack of clarity cause program slow down and ineffectiveness
  3. Lack of internal brand awareness causes funding cutback


If your team is struggling or simply needs an extra set of hands, work with Impact. We will significantly and quickly reduce complaints and increase value.

Increase program effectiveness. Reduce board conflict. Build brand awareness. 

Brand value, timely storytelling and donor contributions go hand-in-hand. We tell the untold stories that make people feel good about where they are, and better about where they are going.

We Work with words. We Work With You.