The 350th Anniversary of the founding of Newark, NJ

People Reached - Thousands

Years Celebrated

Amazing Result

The Challenge

The Newark Celebration 350 committee had the noble and monumental task of curating a year’s worth of cultural programming and enrichment initiatives across the City of Newark, New Jersey in celebration of the City’s 350th anniversary year. In the third quarter of the project, the committee experienced several personnel losses. The final quarter was slated to include two major press events, a major social event to thank supporters, the production and release of a community impact report, and the presentation of artistic gifts to the City.

The Solution

NC350 leadership reached out to Impact to complete the overall communication mission and itinerary as planned. Bright, attractive invitations and media materials featuring scenes from the year were designed and disseminated for each year-end event. NC350’s Reflection report was reviewed, polished and prepared for distribution. Impact also produced a celebratory short to complement and enhance the finale press event’s program.

The Outcome

Dignitaries, including the Essex County executive, the mayor, councilmembers, and accomplished artists attended the closing events, which took place at New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark City Hall, and other esteemed locales. Though it was generally a local affair, Impact garnered an audience of 3.1 million people via extensive media coverage. With Team Impact supplementing the NC350 staff, the culmination of Newark Celebration 350 was a rousing success.

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