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A business is only as good as its ability to clearly and succinctly tell its story. A business’ bottom line is only as good as the businesses’ ability to engage with customers and clients. So, whether you’re selling witty T-shirts or championing rainforest conservation, effective marketing and communication skills are imperative parts of your enterprise.

Marketing and communication strategies help tell your story and sell your services.

NOTE: This post is the first in a series to designed to guide you through the creation of a strategic marketing and communication plan. And we all know that a good plan grows the bottom-line. Before we get started, click here and download our FREE Strategic Marketing and Communication Plan Worksheet. This will help you formalize your marketing and communication plan as you follow along.

Marketing and Communication Crash Course

Before we begin, it’s important to understand what marketing is and what it is not. Marketing is the implementation of a strategy that differentiates your brand promise from your competitors’. And, your brand promise is what you always give your customers regardless of the interaction.

“Marketing is the push behind your brand. It is the WHAT behind WHY people buy.”

Communication is how you tell your story. It is the words, imagery, sounds and colors behind your stories. Communication wraps around marketing and reaches your targets in relevant ways.

What is marketing and communication?

It is not:

  • A logo
  • A business card
  • A Facebook page
  • An Instagram account

It is:

  • The Facebook campaign that talks about your movie screening
  • The promotional code in your magazine ad
  • The call to action on your website
  • The tactic that is implemented as part of your marketing and communication strategy

Strategic plans are invaluable time savers. They sharpen your sales efforts, measure your effectiveness and track your success.

  • Boost business
  • Attract new clients
  • Increase sales
  • Strengthen relationships

 Develop a strategic marketing and communication plan. A good plan will allow you to clearly and succinctly tell your story, and engage with customers, clients and prospects. A solid communication strategy grows your bottom-line.

Click here for Part 2 of this series.

 Your Marketing Mama,

Cheryl McCants – President & CEO, Impact Consulting Enterprises

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