Sales Culture

What is a healthy sales culture and how can you make one work for your company?

This is part one of a three-part series.

Building a productive sales culture, or what many refer to as a “culture of sales,” reflects a business trend that eliminates traditional, dedicated sales teams. A culture of sales drafts everyone in your organization from the receptionist to the CEO into a sales squad. Accordingly, a business with a successfully integrated culture allows and encourages every single employee, vendor and contract laborer to works as a salesperson. Each client or prospect interaction honors your relationships and cultivates business at all levels.

A Culture of Sales

Todd Cohen, author of “Everyone’s In Sales: How to Unleash the Power of Sales Culture to Boost Your Revenues, Profits and Growth,” challenges business owners to rethink their sales strategies and embrace the growth opportunities associated with transformative sales environments.  In a transformative sales environment, your entire company sells its products and services at every turn, whether to a top business executive at an exclusive networking event, or a distant relative at a family reunion.

The simple question, “What do you do?” hovers in the air at every social affair.  An associate’s answer to this question determines whether you land a new client or miss the connection. At Impact, we tell award-winning stories that inspire smiles, trust, and confidence while providing exceptional customer service and completing projects on time and on budget.

Every company should make the extra push to ensure its sales environment is as healthy as possible. Cohen’s approach towards sales made me reevaluate my enterprise and imbue each member of my team with the ability to produce.

Do you have a culture of sales?

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