Times Up

Marginalized. Objectified. Dismissed. No More.

For centuries, we women have been made to feel powerless about our conditions, and helpless to change our circumstances. Some of these feelings may have been self-imposed, internally inflicted or even openly acknowledged. Ironically, during this Women’s History Month, the backstory does not matter because all reasons and rationalizations are unacceptable.

During this Women’s History Month, I lend my voice, spirit and actions to the chorus. I join the women, men, high school students and others who are vigorously fighting for change. I finally feel the tide turning. With the “Me Too” and “Times Up” movements against sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace, women’s voices loudly resound and command national discourse. We are emboldened. We speak truth to power. For now, at least, it is a safer place to tell our stories and seek justice without fear of retribution.

As an African-American woman business owner, it is particularly thrilling to advance my enterprise while there appears to be a united multicultural sisterhood. Our shared vision of breaking through glass ceilings, succeeding in boardrooms and prevailing in courtrooms is contagious. I have hope that strength, courage, talent, intellect, and an unshakeable work ethic will overcome my gender and my race. Yes, it is a new day for women of all backgrounds, ages, races and ethnicities. Time’s Up!

Celebrated. Personified. Engaged. From Now On.



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