Zooming Over Zoom

Webinar Etiquette

If your time in quarantine has been anything like mine, then you found yourself constantly participating in a myriad of online meetings. In my case, the past several weeks revolved around a whirlwind of Zoom meetings, birthday parties, happy hours, and graduations.

GenZers call themselves “Zoomers,” but don’t forget us original Baby Boomer and Generation X Zoomers!

Who remembers sending snail mail to: ZOOM, Z-double-O-M, Box 3-5-0, Boston, Mass 0-2-1-3-4?


“Zooming” took on a new meaning when offices and schools across the country closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world went virtual and people connected from their homes through phones calls and video conferencing. Here are a few tips for a smoother Zoom experience from an original Zoomer.

Tips for Better Videoconferences

  1. Use Mute: Host with authority and mute yourself when participating in meetings if you are not speaking. Muting eliminates background noise and prevents participants from talking over each other.
  2. Test Your Tech: Now that everyone knows how to join a call and use the webcam, don’t waste time checking audio during the Zoom session. Test before the time of the webinar and wait for the delay before you respond to a question or make a comment.
  3. Unmute In A Snap: Simply tap or hold down your computer’s space bar to unmute yourself – one of the best Zoom tricks out there.
  4. Look Your Best: Place a light source in front of you to highlight that fabulous face. Lamps or windows behind you will only illuminate your background and create shadows.
  5. Manage Body Language: If your camera is on, so are you. Use body language instead of words to communicate. Nod, give a thumbs up, smile. A simple smile and nod communicate understanding to participants. Remember that we’re all human, even when we Zoom.

Ready. Set. Zoom.

Take a deep breath, smile, and #MakeAnImpact.

Your marketing momma!

Cheryl McCants


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