Laughter – An ingredient for Success

Is laughter an integral part of your daily routine? What do you engage in to ensure a little bit of laughter in your day? How do you spend your downtime?  Me, I love to watch competitive cooking shows. In most every recipe the chef calls for a “pinch” of something.  That pinch can be the difference between a delicious culinary masterpiece resulting in a cash prize or some other award, and an epic cooking flop. 

When establishing your company’s culture, carefully consider the ingredients included in your company’s recipe for success. Your culture – the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices, directly impacts your bottom line. I have found that a little bit of laughter results in positive employee morale, first class customer service, and fierce brand loyalty.  What is the “pinch” ingredient that you include in your recipe to achieve and sustain excellence?

What about a pinch of laughter

Over the past 30 years of operation, we at Impact Consulting have discovered that a little bit of laughter helps us attain our ambitious and audacious strategic business objectives. Laughter helps us produce business-generating, award-winning stories, marketing campaigns, and public relations initiatives for our clients.

Make no mistake, Team Impact is rock steady, serious, and deliberate about everything we do. Yet, we can find humor in most all circumstances. 

They say laughing is good for the soul. Scientists have proven that laughter is good for your heart – and losing weight (LOL).  And, as the late, great poet and activist Maya Angelou said, “Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.”

Laughter – the secret ingredient in every great business recipe. Think about adding a pinch of it to your company’s culture.

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