Posture Matters: Ergonomics in the Workplace

Stand up straight; don’t hunch over! Sit up; posture matters! At one point in time, all of us have heard these passionate phrases uttered by our mothers, grandmothers, teachers or caregivers. And undoubtedly, we have ourselves declared them to our children with the same amount of fervor as we received them. However, children aren’t the only ones who need to have good posture. In fact, adults do too, especially in the workplace. Work wellness for those of us with sedentary jobs, including me your Marketing Momma, means that we need to get up and move! Spending hours in front of a computer screen is simply not healthy. Posture matters and we need to incorporate ergonomically sound practices into our daily routines.

Posture Matters Infographic

During the 31 days of May, Posture Awareness Month brings together thousands of doctors, therapists, trainers, and educators across the nation. They gather to tell us those famous words, “Don’t slouch in your chair!” Health consequences of poor posture, particularly related to modern technology and life habits, can be severe and significant.

Our posture matters. Follow the Tips Below:

1: Manage Your Monitor

2: Align Your Elbows

3: Sit Close

4: Plant Your Feet

5: Place Items Nearby

6: Take a Break

Implementing the best ergonomic program for your workplace can effectively reduce pain related to musculoskeletal dysfunctions, as well as increase employee focus and productivity. In other words, following the tips identified above can make you feel better and work smarter. Large companies occasionally employ ergonomics specialists to design solutions for their workforce. Additionally, small and large firms get support from experts such as The Posture People who custom design ergonomic solutions for the workplace.

Remember, posture matters, so sit up straight and have a great day!

Workplace tips from your Marketing Momma

Cheryl McCants

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