Ride the Pokemon Go Wave

Ride the Pokémon Go Wave to Your Front Door

The augmented reality game from Nintendo, Pokémon Go, has swept the nation for the last few months, and even has non-gamers joining in on the fun. This old-school, video game, made new-school, mobile app provides a live, real-time experience for players and a cutting-edge marketing opportunity for retail-based businesses. Have a storefront? Tell Google AdWords to step aside.  Pokémon Go lure modules are here. Now is your chance to ride the Pokémon Go Wave and integrate augmented reality into your business plans.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, small-business owners lure willing customers to their stores, pizza shops and retail establishments with the prospect of catching more Poke creatures. Owners report increased sales due to the increased Pokémon Go foot traffic. Players are thrilled with the ability to improve their game scores and business is booming.

So, what’s the secret?  It’s quite simple. Owners identify local PokeStops — real places in this augmented-reality world where Pokémons hang out, and then market their wares! While we should be wary of following trends, the unprecedented success of Pokémon Go has to make you want to ride the Pokémon Go Wave too. Here are a few tips to make your experience as engaging and profitable as possible.

Ride the Pokémon Go Wave: Go Social 

Because the game’s platform is based on augmented reality – taking real-world views and augmenting them with computer-generated imagery, Pokémon Go’s format encourages social interaction. Gamers play in real time and since it’s the number 1 free app in both the Apple Store and Google Play, you’re bound to find someone looking for the latest PokeStop, Gym or Lure. Connecting with gamers via social channels could increase your online engagement with non-traditional followers. There are over 1 million people playing Pokémon Go. There could easily be thousands in your area and hundreds near your business. Follow the hashtags. Join the conversation. Ride the Pokémon Go wave and give your business a marketing edge.

Ride the Pokémon Go Wave: Geo-traffic yields foot-traffic

With Pokémon Go, geo-traffic yields foot-traffic. Businesses are mapping out the game and discovering that their locations are actual PokeStops or very near them. A PokeStop is a location where players can catch Pokémon and grab rewards. You can find out whether your location is a PokeStop by downloading the app and checking the map once installed. If your location is gold, immediately tag it as a PokeStop and watch the traffic flow. Offer incentives for Pokémon players. Promote your location as a PokeStop and help customers catch those creatures while buying your good or services.

Ride the Pokémon Go Wave: Entice them with a ‘Lure’

Once you’ve tagged your location, draw players closer with a ‘Lure’ – a game feature that increases the number of Pokémons in and around your area. Purchase Lures directly from within the app, activate them at your location and watch the ROI increase by the hour. Additionally, you can offer incentives such as a charging station or discounts on refreshments for a quick game boost.

Ride the Pokémon Go Wave: Go Mobile

If you want to get in the game without downloading the app, create a pop-up shop at or around a PokeStop in your area and tag yourself with popular Pokémon Go hashtags – #PokémonGo, #Poke and #Pokémony. Have gamers take photos at your location and tag your business. As a result, this will increase engagement on your social channels. Get strategic and plan your pop-ups ahead of time to offer incentives for gamers who stop by and share your location with other players in the area.

With Pokémon Go, the possibilities for creative campaigns are endless. The game’s interactive platform makes it easy to gain a pulse on your target market and expand your reach. In this case, jumping bandwagon isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s quite #impactful.

Another tip from your Marketing Momma,
Cheryl McCants

Cheryl McCants

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