Presentation Skills Matter

Presentation Skills That Make An Impact

Presentation skills matter. Just as we work in a ‘Culture of Sales’ (read our blogs about that here), I believe we also work in a ‘Culture of Presentation.’ The most successful business owners, inventors, and designers in history presented their concepts to win over partners, clients, and the public. Impactful presentation skills – the basic requirement for success in any industry.

Speaking at conferences both large and small, universities, community gatherings and smaller business meetings taught me the secret behind an impactful presentation: engagement. Regardless of your topic, your presentation skills must demonstrate your ability to engage.

Here are four tips to deliver a compelling presentation that generates audience enthusiasm and ushers in new opportunities.

1. Engage

Give listeners something exciting to latch onto from the very beginning. Humor works, but now might not be the time to become a stand-up comedian. I recommend giving a fun fact or unexpected analogy at the beginning of your speech to pique audience interest and engagement.

2. Make it Memorable

Now that you have the audience’s attention, trigger their memory through repetition. Politicians and college professors use this trick all the time. Deliver your idea, delve into description and examples, and then come back to repeat your main point. You don’t want to sound like a broken record, so restate your idea in slightly different terms each time. Say it always and often

3. Market Yourself

When honing presentation skills, work on your physical appearance while sharing information and ideas.  Establish a positive and assured demeanor with a simple smile. Smiling not only releases endorphins that relax your nerves, but also shows the audience that you are friendly and excited to present. Smiling also promotes an upbeat and positive delivery. Before a presentation of any size, I always check my posture, take a deep calming breath, and flash a warm smile.

4. Deliver Your Message with Feeling

Inject your presentation with real feelings that relate to the words in your presentation. Enthusiasm is contagious and boredom is deadly. Master presentation skills to encourage, engage and excite.

That’s it!  Four tips for developing impactful presentation skills. Practice, practice, practice. And then deliver a presentation that brightens someone’s day, provides a dash of inspiration, and imparts essential knowledge.

Present with Impact!

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